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Car-net; an update

The one thing we didn’t think about was that the insurance company that the AA had lined up for us is closed at the weekend. Zippy, the excellent boss of the AA Kenya Insurers rightly pointed out that had we had our documents stamped yesterday, we would no doubt be on the way south to Tanzania. She also noted that is was her absence that prevented our documents reaching this crucial interaction with the inky hammer. She was stuck in traffic. Al and Lucy are now on a bus, out of range, somewhere between here and Arusha (no doubt stuck in traffic), resolved to carry on the good work without us. On monday, all being well, we will conclude the final few seconds of the week long process and join them in Arusha for a concert we’re planning to give that night. We never thought this was going to be easy; it’s not, but even in the face of apparent failure we are learning so much that will be useful later in the project. In the meantime, happy accidents are occurring in the most unlikely places. While discussing the finer points of the Nairobi driving style, we were able to put Zippy in touch with Elizabeth Njoroge and Art of Music. Zippy’s daughter has a violin, is desperate to play and is looking for a teacher. Elizabeth runs a Youth Orchestra and would no doubt be glad of the head of AA Kenya owing her a favour. The Kenyans might not excel in administrative swiftness but their warmth and generosity puts us all in shadow. It’s going to be a pleasure spending a few more bonus days amongst them.

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