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Lake Malawi

#OfCpilot team have reached Malawi. We had an amazing time in Arusha, Tanzania, working with the Chlildren and Teachers at the School of St Jude and their Head Mistress Jane Wall and the students at Makamira University there with their Head of Music, Randy Stubbs. Lucy took a workshop complete with an entire improvised opera and Andy gave a recital at a local church. Afterwards, we drove to Bagamoyo, a now sleepy costal town, once centre of the slave trade. We spent the day with Shabani Jabili and the Bagamoyo Players on the the campus of the Bagamoyo Arts Centre, home to the incredible inside-out Tasuba Theatre, and swan in the roasting Indian Ocean. Our drive through the rest of Tanzania into Malawi was a hot one. We are now settling in for the night at Nkhata Bay ahead of our push on to Lilongwe by lunchtime tomorrow. We have lots of video to show you but the internet here is a little ropey.

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